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Parent Support Meetings


October 6, 2023

11:30 AM-

12:30 PM

Imposter Syndrome in Homeschooling

Imposter Phenomenon, more commonly known as Imposter Syndrome, is a discouraging mindset in which individuals, despite being qualified and capable, feel that they are somehow unworthy or unqualified in their accomplishments. During this interactive talk, participants will explore Imposter Syndrome, its origins, how it may manifest during the homeschooling experience, and strategies to overcome this altered and inaccurate way of thinking. This engaging session is designed to inform and inspire homeschooling families on their journey as educators and learners. Come ready to have your cup filled and to pour into others. Be prepared to be encouraged and refreshed.

Sondra ObasStone Mountain FUMC - Dining Room Classroom
November 3, 2023

11:30 AM-

12:30 PM

Entrepreneurship and HomeschoolingShatoyia BradleyStone Mountain FUMC - Dining Room Classroom
February 2, 2024

10 AM-

11:30 AM

Create a motherhood or fatherhood mission statement.Nicole DoyleStone Mountain FUMC -Fidelis Classroom