Dekalb Christian Home Educators


Intermediate Art (5th - 8th)

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Teacher: Jasmine Willis
Date/Time: Wednesday - 2:30 PM to 3:25 PM
Room: Classroom 24
Departments: Elementary, Middle School
Grade Level: 6-10 years old, 11-14 years old
Maximum Enrollment: 8

Grades 5th-8th

Course Description:

This class is for students who are more serious about art and would love to become more advanced in their craft. We learn about different artists, art vocabulary, and different art styles. A Lot of drawing is also involved in this course. 

Class and Supply Fee: $160 (per semester) 

Accepted payment methods

Cash app: $JasmineWillis01 / Zelle# 678-365-5462

Necessary Supplies:

Personal art supplies play a crucial role in each student's artistic journey. We strongly encourage children to bring their own art palettes, pens, markers, and sketchbooks. This not only ensures that they have the tools they are most comfortable with but also fosters a sense of ownership and preparedness, making their art experience more personal and engaging.