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Y - Georgia Supreme Court Tour - Mock Trial (Atlanta, GA) - April 18, 2024 *FREE*

Teacher: Jenelle Davis
Date/Time: Thursday - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Room: No Room
Department: Field Trips
Grade Level: 11-14 years old, 15-18 years old

DESCRIPTION:  The Supreme Court of Georgia is the highest court in the state. What gets decided by this court is generally the last word, although decisions may be petitioned for appeal to the United States Supreme Court if they involve federal constitutional law.  This field trip will include a Justice Courtroom Tour and a Mock Oral Argument experience. 

  • Junior Justice Courtroom Tour: This tour takes place in the Supreme Court Courtroom and educates students about the judicial branch, Georgia‚Äôs court system, the difference between trial and appellate courts, and the role of the Justices and how they are selected. A tour guide is available to answer questions. This tour lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • Mock Oral Argument Experience: In addition to touring the Courtroom, students will act out an oral argument using a hypothetical case. Students have the opportunity to be Justices, attorneys, and clerks. This tour lasts approximately 90 minutes.

LOCATION: 330 Capitol Avenue, S.E., 1st Floor, Suite 1100, Atlanta, Georgia 30334

COST: $0.00

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