Dekalb Christian Home Educators


Karate (2nd-12th)

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Teacher: Soke' Dr. Benson Campbell
Date/Time: Wednesday - 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM
Room: Fellowship Hall
Departments: Elementary, Middle School, High School
DOE Number: 36.01400
Grade Level: 6-10 years old, 11-14 years old, 15-18 years old

DESCRIPTION: Karate is a martial arts class with opportunities to promote to learn and demonstrate mastery with promotion testing. DCHE is excited to partner with Kokoro-Bushi-Do (KBD) Kempo Karate(Holistic), a Karate for Christ member school, led by Soke' Grandmaster Dr. Campbell.  ✨The Divine Process KBD KEMPO KARATE-Holistic HOLISTIC SELF-DEFENSE The HOLISTIC TECHNIQUE(the emotional content of the heart with the mental technique of the mind and physical application-execution of the body; emotional, mental, physical discipline teaching-training to use in real life to overcome real life attackers emotionally, mentally, physically; this contributes to and protects emotional, mental, physical health and well being) Holistic Self-Development, Self-Protection, Health & Wellness via Divine LOVE Establishing Strong, Safe, Secure Community through Holistic Divine Practical Self-Accountable Teaching-Training of ManKind(Humanity)..🌍 THE SPIRIT WARRIOR WAY...👥 Let's Overcome Together ONE MANKIND-HUMANITY To GOD'S GLORY in LIFE...♦

AGES: 7-18


  • Uniform Fee = $75.00 (recommended but not required - one time payment. If you choose not to purchase a uniform, please wear white T-Shirt and black exercise pants)
  • Monthly Fee = $45.00 per student*
  • Drop-In Fee = $15.00 per student per week (due prior to each session)
  • Payment Method=
    CASH APP - $KBDKempoKarateHolist
    ZELLE - or 404-218-4248 



  • 36.00400 Physical Education/Grade 3
  • 36.00500 Physical Education/Grade 4
  • 36.00600 Physical Education/Grade 5
  • 36.00700 Physical Education/Grade 6
  • 36.00800 Physical Education/Grade 7
  • 36.00900 Physical Education/Grade 8
  • 36.01100 General Physical Education I 
  • 36.01200 General Physical Education II 
  • 36.01300 General Physical Education III 
  • 36.01400 General Physical Education IV